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Solomon, CMO at Future Tech Essentials

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For our second blog we introduce Solomon, chief marketing officer (CMO) at Future Tech Essentials. He runs the webshop, together with Robin van Maasakker, but his duties mostly revolve around letting our customers know when we have new items on sale and/or great deals on our website, and steadily building the name of Future Tech Essentials. 

He is going to tell us something about himself, on what he’s about, what keeps him busy and how he ended up getting involved in the webshop.


My name is Solomon, and I have passed the age of 30 and live in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, close to the Sloterplas. That is where you can often find me when the weather is good, like what we have had up until now. And still have! I am a real digital native, really grew up with technology. I started out with the iPod, I really liked that one. I do not know what versions I have had, but definetely three in total, among them the video and the touch. The touch was my favorite. That may have been the precursor of the smartphone. What I do know is that, finally, I ended up with Android with regards to phones, because I think they are easier to work with. Just like you`re either a tea or coffee person. I am very into the onePlus phones now. I have the 3, while the 6 has already been released. But am I rambling?


I studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies in Utrecht and Leiden, and after that I kind of rolled into the world of content because I was already writing for my student magazine. After my studies I was handed an internship at Microsoft in France, so I lived there for some time. And if you find yourself in that digital world, you kind of stay there. France was not really a good fit for me as a person, so I left. Back in Amsterdam I noticed it was easy for me to keep working in that digital world. I started working as an SEO specialist at an SEO-agency, an American one. That really taught me how to rank high on Google as a business. And that got me to where I am now, because all that knowledge keeps adding up and does not just disappear. After that period as an SEO manager I worked as an all-round marketer at another agency. Around that time I started my own Google Ads agency (, which I am involved in to this day. I help my own clients pulling in leads and sales through Google Ads. My real goal here is to achieve a high return on investment for my clients. They are really the SMB’s, both in my own country, as outside. Working for them feels great, because there is so much you can do for them and you can really help them. I like doing that; helping others. 


I really see Future Tech Essentials as our baby. We have to raise her and make her into something that is future-proof and loved by many. Maybe someone will ask for her hand sometime, that would be something. It’s just a great thing being able to offer such a diverse range of beautiful products to our customers and making sure they can have lots of fun with technology. There are a lot of beautiful products on our website. I would love to order the Mavic drone myself. I really like it when our customers tell us they found a great deal on our website, and after, that they enjoy the products so much. That really makes me happy. We will soon add more products and of course hope to make even more people happy. What I also keep hearing is that people do not really mind waiting a little bit longer for a drone, if they can get a better deal for it. Lastly, I would like to ask our visitors if they know a certain tech-product they would like to see on our website. Let me know; send me an email at or get in touch through our live chat.