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Why get a long range drone?

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Drones with extremely long ranges are viable for a wide array of usages. These range from filmmaking, recreational exploration and a plethora of commercial uses as well. The latter provides the most value for people willing to invest in high end drones capable of reaching more than 5 kilometers away from their controller.

They are fast, agile, and can fly high above the ground making it almost impossible for people to spot them. Additionally, there are also specialized drones that are primarily targeted at certain industries (f.e. agricultural drones, delivery drones, surveillance drones), making them even better for that particular branch of industry. So, with all that in mind, let’s take a peek at the most typical usages for such drones! Let’s see what are they most useful for!

Drone long range

With both UPS and Amazon racing to fully develop their drone delivery systems, the future in which drones will act as primary means of delivering goods seems certain! Come to think of it, this is not surprising at all.

Drones are already fully autonomous and will a little software trickery they can be made into fully fledged delivery fleet. Even though drone delivery is not yet a real thing anywhere in the world, after a couple of successful tests (f.e. Amazon test in the UK and UPS test in Florida) it seems as though it is only a matter of time before they start delivering our toys to us… quicker than ever.

Surveillance is a big part of our society and it is safe to say that modern day drones pushed it one step further. Long range drones are often used for surveillance and it’s becoming more and more clear that they excel at it. Whether they are guarding a particular area of interest from intruders, private properties, or The White House; monitoring protests, groups and certain activities, the key of drone surveillance is in their stealthy approach.

Since today’s flagship long range drones are fast and can fly high above people, they are pretty difficult to notice, allowing people to think they are not being monitored. Equipped with night vision and infrared cameras, they are the ideal surveillance tools that can effectively monitor huge areas, making sure there is no breach of security while they’re in charge.

another long range drone

I am sure most of you know about the highly specialized drones that are used for agricultural purposes from fertilizing to regularly inspecting crops. With a wide array of visual feedback such as infrared data, farmers can learn more about their crops and investigate potential weak sports and distressed plants.

Undoubtedly, this is extremely useful for everyone making a living with agriculture and is a magnificent modern-day tool that more and more farmers are investing in. Other than that, farmers can also use schedule automatic crop inspections and fertilizing/watering which will result in maximized yields and better, healthier crops.

With the introduction of long range drones for sale, mapping has experiences a proper rebirth. Nowadays, there are whole fleets of drones being used for mapping particular areas. Modern day drones are able to effectively map entire forests, rivers, hills and mountain chains, making them extremely useful for that matter.

Mapping is most often used for understanding certain hard-to-reach areas which tend to rapidly change, such as fast-moving rivers, forests and so on. In addition to that, mapping is also used in highly urban areas where other means of mapping (f.e. via helicopters) is not that viable due to the huge size of the vehicle.