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About Us


My mission

Future Tech Essentials has sprung from my need to create a store where people can wander around for a long time when looking for their favorite tech products. People are bargain hunters, but also want quality products. I offer both. I believe that it does not give people much joy if they have to scour the whole of the internet looking for that one great deal. I have lots of great deals waiting to be discovered by you.

What I find important is that people can find innovative tech products on the website, and receive the best customer service out there. A store that you can keep on returning to, that always offers beautiful products and amazes you with its interesting and diverse range.

I am, besides my own job, literally working on this every single day. And I really love doing it.

This store is being optimized continually, and i truly see it as a long-term endeavour. If you have any ideas on how to make it better, or if you would like for us to add certain products to the store, please let us know at

Future Tech Essentials has started working with manufacturers, creating select items for the FTech™ brand. These items are handpicked and manufactured according to FTech™ standards. Find a selection of the products via our 'All Products' page. 


 - Solomon van Blokland